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Driving Assessments & Instruction

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For many people driving plays an important part in a person’s lifestyle and independence. Driving a motor vehicle is a complex task. However following injury, illness or a health event some of the skills required for driving may be impacted. 

What is a Driving Assessment? 

A Driving Assessment is an evaluation conducted by a Driver-trained and registered Occupational Therapist to determine whether a person has the capacity to operate a vehicle, with or without modifications. 

What is involved in an Occupational Therapy Driving Assessment? 

The assessment comprises of two components: off-road and on-road. The off-road assessment establishes the person’s physical, cognitive and visual status. The on-road assessment determines the person’s ability to drive safely. 

Driving and the Legal Implications 

All drivers have moral and legal obligations to be safe. Legislation requires drivers with serious illnesses affecting driving to inform their local licencing authority. In NSW it is the RMS (RTA). 

Drivers should be aware that there may be long term financial and legal consequences where there is failure to report medical conditions to the RMS (RTA). 

Driving Instruction & Test Preparation

In NSW if you require a modification to drive, the RMS (RTA) require you to sit a driving test to prove you can drive the vehicle to RMS (RTA) standards. Driveability Rehab will help you build confidence with your modification and prepare you for your RMS (RTA) test. Every Client is different so the amount of lesson required will varey. 



Please contact DriveAbility for current assessment and driving instruction costs.

Commitment to Quality & Customer Service

DriveAbility Rehab is committed to provided the highest quality service, within the fastest possible timeframe at an affordable price to the client. We aim to provide prompt and proffessional communication with our clients. We endeavour to maintain our continued proffesional development by being a member of Occupational Therapy Australia, which DriveAbility Rehab participates in CPD activities. 

Geographical Service Area

DriveAbility Rehab's main geogrphical service area is the Sydney metropoliton area. Please contact DriveAbility Rehab if you are outside this area.  



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